About Educational Resource Center

Organization name: Non-Governmental Organization Educational Resource Center

Organization head (name, position, cell phone number): Nataliya Yaskiv, Director +380672551085

Website, Facebook, other social media pages: https://orc.org.ua

Project manager (name, position, cell phone number): Ruslana Kramar, Deputy Director, Project Manager

Contacts: ruslana.kramar@gmail.com, +380677126263

Legal address: 18A Ohienka Street, 79007 Lviv, Ukraine

Physical address (if different from legal address): 4 Chornovola Avenue, 79019 Lviv, Ukraine








Registration date: April 2, 1998


Organization mission, objective, relevant background and experience:

History. For the past 20 years Non-Governmental Organization “Educational Resource Center” successfully implements educational projects and programs. Educational Resource Center is a regional non-governmental organization established for promotion and endorsement for the development of humanitarian cooperation and effective implementation of actual educational initiatives, and support of public organizations.

Mission. Promotion of humanism and democracy ideas, endorsement to establishment and development of the civil society by supporting the educational development; endorsement to the development of public organizations, movements, foundations, other non-governmental and self-governing entities and educational institutions; support for establishment, development and dissemination of educational initiatives, support of the work with socially sensitive members of the Ukrainian society (pensioners, youth and disabled persons). Educational Resource Center also worked as a partner organization in implementing different events on development of pedagogical science and education of youth. NGO is resource, consultative, training center for civil society organizations and local self-government bodies.


  • Endorsement of the development of Ukrainian pedagogical science and education, assistance to Ukrainian educational institutions and public organizations in funding of the relevant projects and programs;
  • Organization and support of trips with the purposes of education, internship, research, or study of the experience in educational and/or business centers by Ukrainian citizens; organization of joint programs with their foreign colleagues;
  • development, funding, investment and implementation of scientific, research and project tasks performed towards the achievement of the Center’s mission, establishment or promotion of the activities of charitable or public organizations;
  • development of the information infrastructure in the system of education;
  • collaboration with other international, national, regional and local charitable organizations.

Activities: Public organization “Educational Resource Center” has successfully implemented some following projects:

  1. International Forum of Educational Initiatives. February – May 2001. Financing – International Renaissance Foundation. Topic - International conference for organizations which works in the field of rural education.
  2. “Bruno Shulz” – June-December 2002, Embassy of Netherland in Ukraine. Cultural and art events and publications devoted to the famous writer and painter.
  3. Fellowship in a Poland – “Looking inside” – December 3, 2002, International Renaissance Foundation. Common program on environmental education for Polish and Ukrainian NGOs.
  4. Dialog – Sept 1, 2000 – July 1, 2001, Foundation of the Carpathian Euro-Region Development . Ukrainian – Polish network of youth NGOs.
  5. Conference for Alumnus of the US Department of State programs from Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi and Zacarpattya oblasts, which works in the middle schools. April 2002. The USA Embassy in Kyiv.
  6. Rural school – June 2002 - March 2003, Embassy of Canada in Kyiv. Capacities development for schools in mountain districts as communities’ development centers.
  7. Community and School Partnership – the way to the civil society development (in the partnership with NGO „ First Steps “) 2003-2004, International Renaissance Foundation, Charles Mott Foundation. Creating the partnership models among the communities and publicly active schools in Ukraine
  8. School as source of community development, 2004, BF Dubnevych, Pystomyty and Yavoriv district authorities.Continuing the programs of communities’ economic development in rural and mountain areas.
  9. The Program of making equal educational chances of student from rural territories “Beskydy Streams”, 2004-2005, in the partnership with the Center for Educational Initiatives, local business, and International Renaissance Foundation. Raising money to the micro-grants . Youth involvement to the local initiatives.
  10. Social investments in a rural schools (in a partnership with NGO „ First Steps “and Center for Educational Initiatives), 2006-2007, Carpathian Foundation. Project is on the final stage of evaluation in a Network of Dutch Charitable Foundations.
  11. European Social Standards for Ukrainian Communities”, (in a partnership with the Center for Regional Initiatives of Yavoriv district), 2006, Carpathian Foundation. The Program is oriented towards regional development in the Carpathians Development. Program is oriented on regional development in Carpathians, particularly creation of the Regional Development Agencies in 5 districts of Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk oblasts.
  12. Sustainable development L’viv’s region community 2008-2009 International Renaissance Foundation. Development of environmental and energy-efficient technologies for organizations in the region
  13. American Bar Association, Rule of Law; Viribis Unitas Law Clinic under the Lviv University of Business and Law, 2009;
  14. International Renaissance Foundation, Legal Education Work of Viribis Unitas Law Clinic among the Young People of the Highland Areas of Lviv Region, 2012.
  15. Increasing the Legal Capacity of the UTC of Lviv Region and Support in the Implementation of Practices of Alternative Resolution of Legal Disputes. Donor: International Renaissance Foundation (IRF). Duration: December 2020 – December 2021.
  16. Discovery of the Treasures of the Cultural Heritage of Sokal District. Donor: Program RITA – Changes in the Region of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation. Partner organization: Polish Fundacja Mapa Pasji. Duration: November 2020 – October 2021

Sources of funding: - Costs from donor organizations; - Costs attracted from partners for implementation of projects (local government, community, governmental institutions); - Membership fees.