LEGAL ASSISTANCE and strengthening the legal capacity of communities

The organization focuses on the preparation and implementation of projects and programs and the provision of services, in particular:

  • providing primary legal assistance to citizens in matters related to human rights and freedoms by the legal clinic "Viribis Unitas” of Lviv University of Business and Law,
  • organization of conferences, seminars, round tables on human rights and freedoms;
  • explaining to children of the legislation on the rights of the child, prevention and counteraction to bullying, organization and holding of educational and educational activities, competitions, quizzes, law schools in educational institutions;
  • conducting human rights training for representatives of various categories of the population, the use of legal instruments by citizens to address their life issues and equal access to justice,
  • ensuring broad informational and explanatory campaigns on topical legal issues, protection of their rights, distribution of booklets, methodological recommendations, and legal information to the population;
  • expert legal explanatory work and increase of the level of legal capacity and legal possibilities of united territorial communities.
  • methodological and advisory assistance to local government officials to improve the protection mechanism and procedure;
  • implementation of intersectoral projects aimed at raising the level of legal awareness of citizens.

Coordinator of the direction: Kramar Ruslana

Candidate of Law, Associate Professor of the Department of Civil Law LUBP