The organization focuses on the preparation and implementation of projects and programs and the provision of scientific, organizational and methodological services, in particular:

  • various forms of environmental education, in particular through educational programs for student youth;
  • practical environmental projects, actions and programs aimed at improving the environmental situation in specific areas;
  • support of individual environmental initiatives of entrepreneurs, youth, etc.
  • promoting the establishment of international cooperation between environmental organizations of Ukraine and other countries;
  • organization of trips, exercises, exchange of experience for environmental organizations;
  • promotes training and retraining in the field of ecology.

ERC also provides expert services on ecological assessment and monitoring of natural ecosystems, conducts ecological monitoring of natural and urban ecosystems, etc.

Direction coordinator: Svitlana Sosnovska

Candidate of Biological Sciences, Research Fellow, Institute of Carpathian Ecology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,

expert and consultant in international and national environmental programs.