The organization focuses on the preparation and implementation of projects and programs and the provision of services, in particular:

  • preparation of educational videos with the creation of works of art by different techniques and methods not only of Ukrainian artists but also artists from different parts of the world.
  • development of materials for distance learning and demonstration of skills and masterclasses
  • various forms of educational and cultural activities in areas related to the development of artistic communities.
  • support for individual educational and creative initiatives of communities, youth centers, etc.
  • promoting cooperation in the field of building Ukrainian-European cultural exchange between the united territorial artistic communities of Ukraine and communities abroad.
  • organization of trips, exercises, holding various plans of art events: exhibitions, Plein airs, presentations, festivals; exchange of experience for community representatives in a particular field both within the country and abroad.

ERC also provides organizational services in the field of educational and cultural events.

Coordinator directly: Otchych Galina

member of the Union of Designers of Ukraine, member of MONDIAL ART ACADEMIA (World Academy of Arts)